Do you really think that rest in Odessa is worth having only in summer? We will tell you a little bit right now about at least some things which make our city so interesting for visiting in every season!


So, if you arrive to Odessa in autumn:


• by all manner of means have a walk down Primorsky Boulevard, feel fresh sea breeze and try to catch the city mood;

• visit the City Botanic Garden and take a look at the beauty of autumn nature. Feel the moment when the nature wears autumn clothes and when it is going to fall asleep;

• wander down the city streets and pay your attention at architectural compositions. Try to imagine your living two centuries ago and being a famous noble;

• use cable-railway and peer at incredible sea panorama;

• go to the city parks, sit on cozy benches and try to catch that special wave which Odessa inhabitants use when they communicate. It is the only one city which has its own dictionary!

• don’t forget to visit Odessa squares because each of them is unique and has its own style;

• go to the City Garden, estimate the works of local artists there and have a wonderful chance to get your own portrait made by Odessa painter;

• haggle over the price with Odessa salespeople at the most famous market called Privoz!


If you arrive to Odessa in winter:


• don’t lose your chance to attend one of small cozy restaurants and to enjoy perfect southern cuisine and the most delicious wines;

• visit Odessa museums and unusual exhibitions which will leave memory trace for a long time;

• explore Odessa theatres. By the way, Odessa Opera House is the one of the best in the world. Don’t lose your chance to get enormous esthetic pleasure!


If you arrive to Odessa in spring, explore the city with help of various excursions:


• loop tour about Odessa and palaces and churches are worth seeing. During the excursion you will see the architecture monuments: the Opera House, Count Vorontsov’s palace with piazza, Odessa Philharmonic Hall and Duke de Richelieu’s Monument. You will have a walk along the old city streets: Deribasovskaya Street, Pushkinskaya Street, Lanzheronovskaya Street and Richelieuvskaya Street. You will attend cozy Primorsky Boulevard and Alexandrovsky Park. You will see the Sea Port and the famous Potemkin Stairs;

• you should visit Vorontsov’s Palace which belonged to Count Vorontsov. He was a very rich man and invited a lot of wealthy and aristocratic people to Odessa from Russia. You should also visit magnificent historical buildings which are heritage of talented people who lived in Odessa during last centuries: private residences of Count Pototsky, Potyomkin, famous writer Tolstoy and the residence of the first world space man Gagarin. You will also see some other buildings and famous Odessa catacombs fragment called Grot which is situated under the Art Museum;

• catacombs excursions are the most popular among tourists. There is a whole catacombs chain situated under the city. It is a real labyrinth which was used by criminals and partisans during different periods of time. The most deserted places of this labyrinth aren’t explored yet;

• we advise you to have an excursion called “Criminal Odessa”. You will discover more about “Fanconi” café which was the place of meeting of the most famous criminals. You will also visit Moldavanka and Peresyp districts of the city and Odessa Privoz market. You will be told a lot of stories about the most outstanding frauds and robberies and you will be greatly surprised by the charm and astuteness of these crimes;

• spring is the renewal and purification time and it is also time of soul purgation. Visit Odessa churches and cathedrals! There are a lot of different religions in Odessa because the city was – and is – multinational. Visit Preobrazhensky Cathedral, monasteries and nunneries, Muslim Cultural Centre, Jewish Synagogue, Ecclesiastical Seminary, become aware of second birth and restoration of numerous religion monuments and relics;

• it is impossible to imagine Odessa without Jews. Odessa Jews pronunciation can be easily recognized all over the world! So, we advise you to find time to have an excursion about Jewish city. Odessa was the third city in the world after New York and Warsaw if to speak about the quantity of Jews. During the excursion you will see memorable places of Jews’ life and history: Jew Community Cultural Centre, Khasidskaya and Brodskaya Synagogues, the biggest in Ukraine Jew cemetery, Holocaust Victims Memorial, Jew Memorial of 1905 and many other things;

• do you want to try something unusual? We suggest you to have a sea trip on the board of pirate schooner along the picturesque Odessa gulf coast. You will participate in entertainment show “Dead Man’s Chest”. This sea trip includes sortie on board of pirate but comfortable schooner, sea trip about Odessa gulf (approaching the Vorontsovsky lighthouse) and entertainment program with Jack Sparrow’s participation. It is better to wear “pirate” clothes but pay your attention at the weather;

• visit Belgorod-Dnestrovsky town which belongs to ten most ancient cities in the world. It is situated on the picturesque bank of the Dniester estuary in 80 km from Odessa. Its history began in the 6th century B.C. The ancient Greek city of Tira was founded there. Since then many difficult nations changed each other in that city which led to development of that area. The unique fortress of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is the most valuable ancient architecture monument;

• and of course you should have the wine tour! Wine appeared in this area in antique epoch. Ukrainian Scientific and Research Wine Trade Tairov Institute is situated in 10 km from Odessa. At the beginning of the excursion you will be told about the interesting history of the institute. Then you will be led through the underground gallery which is a narrow path in stone tunnel stylized as catacombs. You will find yourself in elegant rotunda situated on the estuary bank overlooking many-leveled terrace planted by grapes. Then you will go down to the wine cellar. The collection of institute contains the bottles covered by almost stoned web and wine barrels. After taking a look at the collection you will attend the degustation of collection wines. At the end of the degustation you will be able to buy the wines you liked for your personal collection.


Summer is time for warm sunny and tender sea enjoinment! Go to Odessa beaches:


• Arcadia is a very picturesque and prosperous place where the most part of famous spa resorts are situated. Arcadia is a modern health resort with many night clubs, restaurants, bars and all kinds of entertainment for children, adults and retired people. You can hear live music in early spring and in late autumn on the platforms opened for sea breeze here. The beaches are sand.

• Big Fountain is situated behind the Arcadia beach. The name of this district was caused by great number of brooks flowing from catacombs along the whole cost. Nowadays Big Fountain is a wide stripe of sand beaches of the 8th, 10th, 11th and so on stations of Big Fountain. Sea trips on scooters, motor boats and skydiving are suggested for the tourists.

• “Golden Bank” is situated on the 16th station of Big Fountain. It is the one of the most popular beaches in Odessa. It is connected with Arcadia, Louzanovka district and the sea port by speedy motor boats.

• Sand beaches of Lustdorf (“Lustdorf” means “Merry Village” in German) are situated in 15 km from the Odessa centre. This district has developed infrastructure.

• Peresyp is the north-western suburb of Odessa. The Kuyalnik Estuary is situated there. Kuyalnik health resort appeared more than 150 years ago and it is famous for its medical mud. Kuyalnik medical mud is used by many Odessa spa resorts.

•… and it is not a full list of Odessa beaches!