Our company also provides you with Thai massage services. Probably you have heard something about this kind of massage. Thai massage is a perfect way to relax, to get rid of nervous tension and stress and to feel alive again! You will feel that you have a lot of energy, feel more active and balanced. It is very difficult to explain the difference between Thai and European massage but these techniques are totally different. Thai system is not only pressing, stretching and twisting combination. It is definite energetic level. There are many varieties of Thai massage. It is based on ancient traditions and deep knowledge if to speak about human body dots position.


Thai massage is a kind of dry massage (without oil). It is massage body care which needs certain massage costume made of thin natural cloth and it also needs the mattress situated on floor. It is unique kinds of massage because Thai massage therapists effectively use not only fingers but also hands, arms, knees and feet when they massage physiological dots. Thai massage is the way to harmony and relaxation! We are glad to invite the real judges of exotic massage to the one of the best Odessa massage salons exotic world. In our massage salon tender, delicate and caring hands and bodies of our girls will help you to get rid of stress, to diverse from the problems and to appear in fairytale world of massage, petting and love. You are sure to like our salon VIP-apartments atmosphere.


We are glad to offer you two-hour massage complex. One hour of this complex is intended to the total healthy massage of all your body and the second hour is intended to the exotic “body massage” which will result in your total relaxation. The massage is made at the professional level and it is made without any kind of intimacy. At the end of the main massage we offer you foam-scrub massage which purifies and rejuvenates your skin. We can also offer you Jacuzzi, head and face massage. The novelty of this season is Royal Massage. You can find the additional information about it at any time which is suitable for you! After the massage we offer you to take a shower and to drink some tea according to your taste. The salon atmosphere and the communication with our masseuses will help you to dive into East illusion and beauty world!



We are always glad to see you! Single massage with one masseuse is 450 UAH, double massage with two masseuses – 550 UAH, VIP massage with three masseuses – 650 UAH. You can visit us with your lady. Female massage costs 490 UAH.

We also offer Royal Massage based on erotic show performed by two ladies. You will have extremely unusual massage which includes hot petting, spellbinding dance and erotic touching to your body. Two ladies will enwind you by their bodies touching your most sensitive zones by their bellies and breasts. You will enjoy this massage for 2,5 hours. This kind of massage also includes peeling (foam-scrub massage) on the special warmed desk, head and face massage in Jacuzzi and feet massage. This massage costs 850 UAH. Relaxing music and pleasant aromas will help you to relax, to feel burst of energy, to get the feeling of self-sufficiency and to get rid of all the worries. The massage is performed by two ladies in stockings and erotic costumes (costume of nurse, bride, maid etc).

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