Odessa apartments are great possibility to spend unforgettable rest in Odessa, to enjoy new impressions, to relax to full extent and to use your finances more rationally because renting an apartment in Odessa is more profitable offer if to compare it with staying in Odessa hotels. We are glad to offer at your disposal comfortable conditions of searching an apartment or a house for rent, individual selection of Odessa accommodation, taking into consideration all your wishes connected with apartments rental in Odessa and wide choice of other services giving you chance to make your rest in Odessa really memorable!


If you prefer staying in one of Odessa hotels, we will help you to book rooms in the hotel you like. This service will let you save your time and efforts. You can order daily apartment rent or you can order long-term rent with the help of our agency. We appreciate our clients and we have personal approach to every client. We are glad to meet your wishes and to offer apartment rent discounts regarding the time of your living in Odessa apartments. We will also help you to buy or sale realty in Odessa. Our company offers you individual tours, excursions about Odessa, booking tickets to theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, daily rent and long term rent of the apartments and houses next to the sea, transfer, interpretation services and many other things.


Odessa apartments pricing

There are two seasons of pricing which differ from each other: PEAK season (June – September) and Off-PEAK season. The difference lies in the fact that during PEAK season renting an apartment is more difficult task because all the apartments in all the districts of Odessa are in use as a rule. If you need an apartment during this period, you should book it in advance. It can also be difficult to find the apartment for long term rent. It will be hardly possible to have a rental discount during this period because the owners of the apartments have a lot of clients and all the apartments are booked very quickly. Off-PEAK season (all other months) is quiet season which gives you a lot of possibilities to find the best apartment for the best price. You will have a great choice of different apartments and you will be able to ask the apartment owner about making the discount. The quantity of clients is less and the apartments owners are more concentrated on you and your desires. A lot of Odessa apartments can be in a long term rent during Off-PEAK season.

How to make the booking

Make your choice using our search system
There is a possibility for you to choose several apartments and to check the availability of each one by sending us your request. If you have special requirements as to the the apartment (internet access, bath or shower preference, handicapped facilities), please, indicate these details in the booking form. You will be offered the best apartments as soon as possible. In case if the chosen apartment is unavailable, you will be able to get the best apartment for the same price. Send the preliminary booking form and during short period of time you will receive the reply form. If you want to make everything even more quickly, you can send us a text message to the emergency cell number: +38 (067) 55-61-361.

Make you definitive selection and please, check if you have mentioned all the details which are important for you
Send us the final booking form. Booking has to be guaranteed with 1 night rate deposit. Pay your attention that this deposit is not refundable in case if you cancel your booking or in case of no show. Please choose the payment method which is the most suitable for you. We will send you the booking confirmation during short period. You will be able to check in on arrival. No changes from our side will be made without your reconfirmation. In case of force major the apartment you booked will be changed ONLY to a better quality apartment, price will remain the same. Our driver will be waiting for you with the sign with your name in arrival hall. In case you can’t find the driver — please keep in touch with us and we will do everything to help you. In case you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to call our manager. We always propose you better quality apartment for your price in order for you not to spend your time in vain. Make the payment to a driver. Security deposit of the amount of 1 night rate is to be taken also. It will be refunded to you on the day of your departure in case if nothing is damaged in the apartment. Please pay attention that standard check in time is 14:00, check out time is 12:00. In case you want to stay till evening or for few more hours you can discuss it with a manager on arrival.

We provide each client with Odessa map on arrival
In case of real emergency please call us: +38 (067) 55-61-361, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. If you want to be sure that you’ll get the apartment of the same quality and price as ordered — please send the one night rent deposit. You can send not guaranteed booking (without 1st night payment) with mentioning the apartment from our site which you would like to rent. In this case you call us on arrival and we will try to get an apartment for you. In this case the apartment would be assigned only on the day of your arrival. But we won’t be able to do it during the PEAK season. Deposit for guaranteed booking is required to confirm a reservation. This can be done by any of the following means.


Method of payment

You may pay the deposit using: PayPal or Western Union transfer. You can do it either from any WU office in your country or through the web site: We also accept payment through Web money system, if you are familiar with this one. Bank transfer, this way is longer, and pay your attention at the fact the apartment availability option may change during the period when money is on the way. Contact us for details if you prefer this way! The balance should be paid on arrival. Payments can be made in US dollars, Euro and local currency (Hryvnya).


The deposit for guaranteed booking is not refundable in case of booking cancellation, although dates changes could be made not later than 7 days before arrival.